Your hosts at the MoHo Hotel Am Reschensee

Herr Dilitz


Mr. Siegfried and Mrs. Carmen Dilitz, who run the Hotel Am Reschensee decided some years ago: The hotel has been renovated, the children are old enough, so now is the time to ride a motor bike!

Without further ado off they went to the BMW dealer. Siegi said, "Lend me a motorbike for a fortnight and if Carmen and I like it, I'll buy it from you." (Mark you, Siegi had no experience, except with fast cars!)

The dealer knew, however, that Siegi had petrol in his blood and whether on two or on four wheels, he could drive. And he was right.

The first machine was a blue BMW R 1150 R. Siegi now industriously attended advanced training courses in Munich and Bolzano, as well as attending a guide's course with Kai from the Micha Driving School. When, after many kilometres, the 1150 needed too much oil, it was replaced and now we accompany our guests on many fine tours on our BMW R 1200 R.

For many years we have been proud to be members of the MoHo Hotel organisation.

Carmen advises guests on the motorbike tours, gives tips on where to stop and knows all sorts of things about the weather. Siegi knows all about bikes and when they need new tyres or oil and such things.

Experience the fascination of motorbike touring in South Tyrol

As a labelled MoHo – Motorbike Hotel in Val Venosta, we give you thoroughly competent advice and information, so that your motor biking holiday in South Tyrol and beyond its borders becomes an unforgettable experience. Just ask us. As passionate bikers and the proud owners of a BMW R 1200 R, we know exactly what the biker really wants. You will find all that you seek with us at the Motorradhotel am Reschensee in Resia. Of course you will also find suitable biker's fixed-rate packages to make your motorbike tour through the Alps even more attractive.

Welcome among friends - at our MoHo Hotel. Enjoy that incomparable easy-rider feeling in fantastic scenery, with the fun of driving on great roads, packed with curves and pure hospitality with us at the Motorradhotel am Reschensee.

Best wishes,
Carmen and Siegfried Dilitz

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy motorbike tours on the narrow mountain roads:

  • Motorbike tours in the South Tyrolean mountains are strenuous. 100 kilometres of riding in the mountains cannot be compared to 100 kilometres on the plain! Physical fitness and breaks increase the pleasure in relaxed driving in the mountains.
  • Always adapt your driving to the road conditions. The road system in the mountains and passes contains many dangers for motorbike riders. As well as deer crossings you will encounter sand, stones and patched road surfaces. In addition, snow and black ice are possible on the higher passes.
  • The road conditions in the mountains are unique. Hairpin bends or bends, which develop into gradients, are common occurrences on mountain roads and roads through the passes in South Tyrol.
  • Traffic on the mountain roads and the roads through the passes is treacherous. Inexperienced car drivers and coaches are often a great danger on the narrow roads. Therefore, adapt your riding and look ahead as much as possible. On bends, drive rather more slowly than usual. Where possible, approach on the outside of a bend and delay pulling out of the bend to gain space and an overview into the bend.
  • Look ahead and anticipate as much as possible. On a bend you should be looking towards the exit from the bend. Approach bends in low gear and avoid changing gear on the bend. Lean into the bends and at the same time courageously open the throttle. Approaching buses and coaches often have to use the entire road in order to negotiate the bends. Usually in such situations bus and coach drivers take little or no account of motorbike riders. Stop well in time!